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The BP mailing "Direct debiting goes paperless"
– environmentally friendly and economical.

Change now and profit! BP (Switzerland)'s customers were rewarded with a little Christmas tree if they switched from printed to electronic invoices.

Initial situation:
BP has many private card customers who pay their card invoices by direct debit, but who still receive their invoice on paper.
This involves large amounts of money being spent on paper, printing and mailing each month. A mailing was sent out to encourage card customers to consult their invoices in their personal online account in future.

To achieve a drastic reduction in the number of physical invoices sent, and consequently to make huge savings on paper, printing and mailing.

Step 1 – Design
Development of a pre-Christmas mailing with a little Christmas tree as an incentive.

Step 2 – Implementation
– Production and sending of the mailing in three languages
– Creation of a landing page to collect responses

Step 3 – Processing of responses
Card customers prepared to make the switch registered on the landing page and received a little Christmas tree.

The campaign was so successful that the costs were covered within just 12 months.
Mailing cost per card customer: CHF 5
Net savings per invoice: CHF 4

Positive results:
– Over 18% of the private customers contacted visited the landing page.
– Almost 15% of customers registered for an online account.

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