Innovative. Dynamic. Professional. And: informal.

An exciting and attractive environment, fair working conditions as well as responsible jobs make Accarda an interesting employer. Become a part of Accarda and share our success!

Customer orientation – The focus of our company value is customer orientation. Our customers have absolute priority at all times and in all things. As satisfied and loyal customers play a decisive role for sustained success.

Fairness – We treat our customers as we would like to be treated. Above-average performances evolve in a work environment that is defined by mutual respect.

Open doors – We have a policy of open doors and communicate with each other across all hierarchy levels in an uncomplicated manner. We meet on an equal footing.

Transparency – We create trust and security by transparency – both with our products and our services. We communicate openly, precisely and regularly. Here, we follow managerial and organizational guidelines and instructions.

Christine Tekyeli, Head of Human Resources

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Christine Tekyeli, Head of Human Resources
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