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Stable, profitable customer relationships form the basis for corporate success and economic growth. Accarda offers solutions for every stage in the relationship with your customers.

Attract customers.
Before you can attract new customers, you need to know where to look for them. Our market and target customer analyses help you to discover existing market segments and to identify which customer groups have the highest potential. By obtaining and processing target customer data, you increase the efficiency of your communication measures and limit divergence losses and costs at the same time. Taking creative, individual measures to promote dialogue will enable you to access new customers. Accarda offers a unique full service in this field and helps you with every aspect of attracting new customers.
Develop customers.
Make the right offer to the right customers via the right channel at the right time! The key is to build up customer value management in order to stabilise and extend sales and returns from a customer in the long term. The customer data acquired is analysed and segmented. Your customers are offered products tailored to their needs. This helps you to simplify your sales planning and make more efficient use of marketing tools. Measures for carefully targeted development of customer potential are part of Accarda's tried and tested repertoire.
Secure customers.
Ensuring customer loyalty and limiting fluctuation within your customer base is undisputedly the most cost-effective marketing measure of all. Customer cards, gift cards, bonus programs and individual customer dialogue remain the central driving force behind long-term customer loyalty. Carefully targeted, personalised customer dialogue measures that take into account behaviour forecasting and signs of customer defection are needed in order to maintain a profitable customer relationship. Accarda can help you to implement measures of this kind quickly and easily.

Accarda's recipe for success
Accarda combines customer card program know-how with expertise in the area of customer relationship management (CRM). The Accarda customer card provides information about the purchasing behaviour of your customers. This information is required in order to develop innovative solutions and strategies for customer relationship management. It can show you exactly where your potential lies, which areas it is not worth investing any more money in and the best way to look after your customers. By optimising your relationship with your customers, you can increase sales steadily and sustainably, whilst saving costs at the same time.