Address management


Optimised addresses for successful customer relationship management

Mistakes can easily creep into addresses, leading to double entries or addresses that it is impossible to deliver to. This leads to unnecessarily high postage costs, several mailings being sent to the same address, incorrect spellings and making a bad impression on customers.

The right address – the key to personal, individual customer contact.
Keep your address database up to date with our help. With an up-to-date address database, you can be more reactive and more flexible, make a good impression on your customers and significantly reduce your mailing costs. Campaigns only need to be carried out once if you have the right customer addresses, as the desired result is obtained first time around.

We offer you:

  • Address checking and correction
    We take a close look at your address database, correct any incorrect entries and misspelt names and/or addresses, and make sure that the postcodes correspondent to the localities.

  • Address comparison
    We make sure that all your addresses are in the same format, then compare them and filter out any double entries. The result is that each address is only listed once.

  • Bulk mail routing
    Do you want to save as much as possible on postage? Address processing involves sorting out your mailings and bundling them according to address. They are processed in the right order in the printing and letter shop stages before being sorted and dispatched to the post office bundled correctly as bulk mail or per location.

The advantages for you:

  • High quality
  • Sparing use of your resources
  • Significant cost savings

Successful campaigns from A to Z.