BI Services


Make the right offer to the right customer at the right time.

A company that offers its customers the best product to meet their needs at precisely the right time will be extremely successful and strengthen its position on the market. But how can a company find out which customer requires which product when? What data is needed to obtain this kind of information?

Having more knowledge results in more options for customer relationship management and effective protection of customer value.
Accarda works with you to create an overview of your data to illustrate the complexity of your business in clear figures. All the customer data available is systematically entered, prepared and evaluated. If no customer data is available, Accarda ascertains which customer data should be obtained in the future.

Our aim
To ensure profitable customer relationships by means of optimal customer knowledge and value-oriented customer profiles at each stage of your relationship with your customers.

The advantages for you

  • Enthusiastic customers (fans)
  • More turnover
  • Optimal use of your marketing budget
  • Prevention of divergence losses
  • The right level of customer dialogue