Gift cards


The electronic voucher – more than just a means of payment

As a general rule, people prefer giving vouchers as gifts rather than actual money. Traditional paper vouchers are increasingly being replaced by gift cards. Customers appreciate the advantages and flexibility of gift cards. They are a modern, secure, cashless means of payment.

Accarda has concentrated its gift card activities within Loyalty Gift Card.

Accarda is a provider of gift card solutions and has further expanded its expertise in this area. We took over the gift card activities of Loyalty Services AG in 2013 and have since concentrated them within Loyalty Gift Card AG. Loyalty Gift Card AG is one of the leading companies on the Swiss market for gift cards. The clientele of Loyalty Gift Card AG includes reputable companies from the German-speaking world – ranging from tiny companies with just one point of sale to international groups with more than 10,000 points of sale.

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