Mobile payment


Pay easily and securely by smartphone

Nowadays, people carry their smartphones around with them virtually all day long and take out their smartphones more often than their wallets. As a specialist in customer cards with payment function, Accarda now offers its card customers mobile payment solutions that turn smartphones into tools for increasing sales. The solution is simple, secure and quick to implement for companies. Your customer has one less card in his wallet - but your share of turnover from the customer in question grows.

Here's how it works:
Your customer downloads your company's app onto his smartphone and registers as a customer in the app. Once he has registered, the customer can pay for purchases at the POS by smartphone – quickly and easily with no need for a card. The payment transaction itself remains the same as any other transaction. The subsequent card processing stages such as payment processing, account management, invoicing or clearing & settlement do not change at all. You can still evaluate data for individual customers, just as you did before.

The app is specially designed to meet your requirements. Extra functions can be added at any time. Possible functions could be:

  • Consulting account balance
  • Collecting and consulting bonus points
  • Announcing appropriate / attractive offers for the customer
  • Supplying vouchers

Accarda's mobile payment solution is compatible with all EP2-capable cash desk systems or suitable for cash desk integration. Minimum investment is required from you as a company.